Highlights of 2014!

Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 for NBC

I was positioned in the ‘Mountain Cluster’ and employed as the Field Audio Maintenance engineer. I was responsible for building and programming a NBC ‘de-rig’ setup, with Telex Zeus talkback, Calrec Artemis sound desk and the new Lance Commentary system which utilises IP over fibre technology. 
I also assisted at the other mountain venues, providing technical support when required, for the crews working at those venues. 

BBC Children in Need 2013 & 2014

I worked as 'Comms Supervisor'. I planned from the early production stages, the intergration and configuration of a 4 node Mediornet fibre system, a 64 port Riedel Artist system & a Trilogy 64 port system.
The Mediornet was used to send and recieve  HD, AES, analogue audio, 4 wires and Riedel talkback panel data to two 'local' OBs, 3 Edit suites, 3 Multiplex areas, Studio VAR and Studio SCR. 
The Riedel Artist was used for 9 incoming OBs located across the UK each with cleanfeeds and 4 wires, two regional 'opt out' 4 wires, and all the studio talkback to these destinations. 
The Trilogy was used purely for all the studio talkback requirements, camera, sound, floor managers.  

BBC Sport Relief 2014

I took on the responsibility of engineering and looking after a 4 node Riedel Mediornet network, which was used to take video, audio and commiunication signals from the variety of OB trucks parked around the Olympic Park. 


BT Sport / Timeline Television May 2013 - present

I was lucky enough to be involved, almost right from the start, in this mammoth broadcasting build for a brand new sports channel. I work there now quite regularly, supporting the large installation consisting of a 3 desk Calrec Artemis network, connected to a Yamaha DANTE network, via a very large Snell hybrid router. There is also a 3 node Artist 128 network, 30 channels of radio mics,IEMs and 10 voice over booths! 


BBC Local and Euro Elections 2014 & BBC General Election 2015

I worked closely with the sound supervisor, in the role of Sound Supervisor Assistant. This involves taking over mixing the output at appropriate times, plugging up & testing audio and communications equipment and resolving any audio related issues the production team may have.

Invictus Games 2014 for BBC / Timeline Television / Telegenic

The inaugural Invictus Games, lead by HRH Prince Harry filled much of my September, where I designed and lead a small team operating a 8 node Riedel Mediornet system, which was installed across the Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park. 

Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show 2014 for Victoria Secrets / Solotech

I headed up a small team running the ‘show coms’. This consisted of 3 Riedel nodes, Artist 128,64 and 32 port systems. It also consisted of many C44 digital beltpack party lines. I designed the show software configuration in the nodes, which included some fairly involved logic statements, required for the specific requirements of this very glamorous show! 



Excellent professional references available on request.